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Barefoot baby sandals & more!

 I was up SUPER late last night guys. Not only was it my oldest daughters snack day in school, which by the way came out so awesome. Seriously proof that you can use your craft supplies for everything. We had juice boxes, pretzel sticks & some fruit gummies, then put everything neatly into paper printed party favor bags (pink polka dots for the girls & black stripes for the guys) and closed them off with gold glitter washi tape & added a cute bakers twine bow. YES, I'm nearly crying I didn't snap any photos of them. BUT the good news is all of those items will be posted up for sale for you guys super soon!

But, any-who, back to this post. I went to town making TONS of new barefoot baby sandals for my youngest daughter, 11 months (1 in 2 weeks ) They have always been a staple in her wardrobe. But it's rather chilly where we live & she is ALWAYS taking her socks & shoes off. But she can not get her socks off of her feet when she has the barefoot baby sandals on over them! Double score for cute & functional!

I'll have a new tutorial coming up soon, where I'll give you all my tips & tricks I've learned along the way in making barefoot baby sandals!

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