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DIY elastic headband sizing

DIY elastic headband sizing : 
Before we get started I just want to say, not all babies or adults are exactly the same. All headband sizing is based off of an average sized person of that age range. I will give details on how to get a custom sized headband for any age below. :)
Preemie - 12 inch cut of elastic
Newborn - 13 inch cut of elastic
0-6 months - 14 inch cut of elastic
6-12 months - 15 inch cut of elastic
12 months - toddler - 16 inch cut of elastic 
young children - adult - 17 inch cut of elastic
* When cutting your elastic, I recommend cutting approximately 1/4" to 1/2" extra, to account for the same area that you will have over lapping each other after they are glued together.
To get a custom sized headband :
For a custom sized headband, take a measuring tape (or a piece of yarn or string if you do not have a measuring tape) and wrap fully around the head your wishing to make a headband for. From there, see how large the head is (if using yarn or string measure out how long on a ruler), then subtract an inch or two. That is how long you will want your elastic to be cut to. You want it cut just slightly shorter than the circumference of the head, so it stays in place and is not slipping and sliding off your head.
- As always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask :)

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