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DIY Halloween headbands! / tutorial

Its just about Halloween now! In our house Halloween is a BIG deal, as we have 3 children 5 and under. I figured it was about time to make my girls a few new headbands to wear over the next few weeks. And when I say a few, I definitely went a tad bit over board ;) 


What you will need

- Elastic : fold over elastic, skinny elastic, lace elastic, glitter elastic, braided elastic. Solids, metallics, print, you name it. You could also use pre-made headbands, satin covered headbands or crochet headbands to make interchangeable alligator clips. 

- Flowers and bows : any shape size and color, I used a mix of black, orange, purple, lime green and white.

- Scissors

-Glue gun - for extra security you can also add in a few stitches to love everything in place. If you choose to do so you would need a needle and coordinating thread.

Optional : 

- Rhinestones / Resins / Appliques : I selected a few bright and shiny Halloween themed rhinestones this year.

- Felt circles : When making headbands I always recommend using felt circles. Not only does it add extra comfort for you or your little one, but it also locks the flower in place with the elastic! Bonus! :)


Now, lets get started!

Step 1 - Gather all of your supplies. Having everything in one place, in your site makes the whole process so much easier. I really recommend pulling everything prior to starting, that way you are not leaving a hot glue gun unattended.

Step 2 - Create your design! The most fun part for me! Play around with all of your pieces, try new things. Find what you like best and where, before you even turn your glue gun on. I learned this lesson the hard way and ruined many supplies over the years.

Step 3 - Now you are ready to make your headband. Plug your glue gun in and we can get started. Cut the elastic you would like to use to your desired length (if you are unsure how much elastic to use check out my other blog post with my headband size recommendations)

Step 4 - Glue your two ends of your elastic together, to make a complete circle. If you have decided to add in a few stitches to your headband, this is when you are going to want to do it.

Step 5 - At the seam of your elastic headband, exactly where you just glued them together add a dab of glue and now attach that spot to the back side of your flower/bow. If you use a different location of your elastic there will be a visible seam.

Step 6 - Optional step - now add glue to an entire size of your felt circle, attach your felt circle to the back of your flower/bow. Directly over your elastic. Covering your seam, adding extra security and comfort.

Step 7 - Now flip your headband over, were almost done! At this point, now you can add on any extra flowers, bows, rhinestones, resins or appliques you have.

Your all done! Now you have an amazing new headband for your little one and you are ready for some Trick Or Treating! Have a great Halloween and stay safe everyone! 


Extra tips & tricks : 

-When making multiple headbands, do an assembly line. I like to cut all of my elastics at one, glue my flowers/bows/rhinestones/appliques together at once (before attaching them to anything), make sure I have the correct amount of felt for each headband etc. Everything moves so much quicker and in harmony this way.

- Have fun with it! Do not get stressed out or worried that you are not doing something perfectly. We are making handmade pieces here, the beauty is that it is not going to be perfect, and usually that is what makes your piece unique & beautiful!

- When using an elastic that is printed with a directional print always double and triple check to make sure you are gluing your flower on the right way. You wouldn't want your flower to end up upside down:)  


Products I used today:

- Every product I used today IS an item that I have available for purchase. If you see an item that you would like to purchase, but is not currently listed just send a quick message and I can get it listed for you. I still have thousands of items to get listed, I'll get there soon, I hope! :)


- And as always, if you have any questions or need help with any of your projects please do not hesitate to ask me. I'd love to help you out! 

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