How to get wrinkles out of your FOE fold over elastic – MAE Inspirations How to get wrinkles out of your FOE fold over elastic by Erica Fecteau
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How to get wrinkles out of your FOE fold over elastic

Many, many years ago when I first started purchasing fold over elastic, I used to quite honestly cut and throw away so much of it because it was so wrinkled I thought it was useless.
More often than not, the elastics that were that bad came from suppliers who did not take the time to roll my elastic, just threw it bunched up in a ball into a mailing bag. NO worries here, I take the time to carefully fold your elastic. But even with being careful, there still is the possibility of getting wrinkles.
Here's a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way.
What you'll need : 
- fold over elastic - any kind, printed, solid, glitter etc.
- flat iron - You can use a standard clothes iron, or you could also use a hair straightening iron.
- kitchen towel
- spray water bottle
Lets get started!
- Turn your iron on. I highly recommend using a medium/low setting. It will take longer this way, but it greatly reduces the chance of any damage. You can use a higher setting, if you do I recommend using your towel at all times.
If using a standard clothing iron - 
- lay your elastic out, flat, shiny side down (matte side up) use quick short strokes. Roughly 8-10 times every 12 inches. If your elastic is being a bit stubborn, spray a tad bit of water on it, turn your heat on your iron up and wrap your elastic (once, each side) into your kitchen towel, then use shorter longer strokes. 
- When ironing a printed elastic, glitter elastic or metallic elastic I ALWAYS recommend using a towel to wrap your elastic or you risk the chance of melting, distorting or destroying the print. 
If using a hair straightening iron -
I would recommend using a towel the entire time, if you plan to use a hair straightener. Wrap your elastic in your towel, once each side, turn your hair straightener on high, and use longer strokes, roughly 10-12 times every 12 inches. 

* Always use caution when using an iron on your elastics, I would check it every few strokes just to be on the safe side, especially if you are using a print.
* Always be extremely careful not to burn your self when using a hot iron of any time.
* And as always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out! Thanks everyone :)
Anyone else have any tips or tricks to straightening your fold over elastic?

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