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Ordering items with different delivery time frames

Hi loves,
Over the next few weeks you are going to start seeing a ton of awesome new products and product lines here at MAE Inspirations. We are adding a section dedicated for wholesale and will be vamping up our baby boutique items a ton. Plus we are going to star exploring craft room storage, organization and decoration! Some of these items will have a different time frame than our standard time frame. Here are some great answers as to how your order will be processed if you do order items that have a different delivery time frame. Please do not worry, you will be VERY informed if an item your looking at has a different delivery time frame as every description has it stated if the delivery will be longer than our standard times :) We are so excited to begin offering so many awesome new products, we hope you will enjoy as much as we are!
- What is your processing time ? When will my order ship ?
We strive to get you your items as fast as we can. Most often your order will ship in 1-3 business days, on rare occasion 3-5 business days. Unless otherwise stated in the description. Wholesale items and a few other items do have a longer delivery time. If so, it will be stated directly in the description.
- What if I order multiple items, some that ship in a normal time fame and others that have a delivery time frame that is longer(as stated in the description if longer)?
If you order multiple items, that have different processing times your order will be sent in multiple shipments, at no extra shipping cost. You will still receive your normal items (99% of our items are shipped within days and if they are not the description clearly states the delivery time frame) within the standard week delivery. Then you will have additional shipment/s sent for your additional item/s with a longer delivery time. You will receive an individual tracking number for each shipment.
But what if I order items both wholesale and non-wholesale?
No worries, you will be sent your non-wholesale items immediately as per our usual shipping and delivery time frames. You will then be sent additional order/s for your wholesale item/s. You will NOT be charged any additional shipping for any items that should be shipped separately. 

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